A bit about me

Hi, I’m Kery (pronounced: Kerie). My mission with YourHealthPath.com is to coach individuals to healthy habits that stick and to educate groups (corporate wellness/event workshops) about the healing nature of real food! 

This path chose me. There are many reasons I’m here today but the number one reason is I’ve watched my mom struggle for some 20 years with no real diagnosis and some very real health challenges.

Through her struggle, I couldn’t help her. As a result, a change had to be made so that I can be of service to her and others going forward.

One of the biggest lessons we learned through the years of struggle is that none of us can rely completely on an outside force to “fix” our health and happiness. We have to take charge of what we want in life and go after it by whatever means necessary. We have to be mentally tough. We have to be resilient in the face of disappointment. We have to be relentless at chasing our dreams — for our health or whatever path we seek. Doing so can be HARD WORK! That’s why having a coach can help increase your success. 

Some Background

As a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), a licensed Wellcoach® and a registered yoga teacher (RYT) I coach people through making real transformations in their lives. 

Life evolves for all of us, so mastering change is critical. Since changing can be tough — having a coach increases your success! I truly believe in the science of coaching psychology, which is why I am sure to get some coaching regularly myself. 

So, if you are reading this you are likely someone who is striving to make improvements in your life.

About You

You may want to…

find and stick with the right workout for you
-quit a bad habit you’ve picked up along the way
-start a healthy lifestyle practice (i.e. meditation, eating right, working out etc.)

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