What is The RESTART® Program?

What is The RESTART® Program?

What is The RESTART® Program?

I teach a 5-week nutrition education class called The RESTART® Program, so naturally I’m often asked what it’s all about. Here I explain what it is, why it’s unique and why I teach it.

So, what is it? In one sentence, The RESTART® Program is a 5-week nutrition education program that is one part nutrition education, one part sugar detox and one part group support. This triple combo is unparalleled when compared to other programs in a similar category. The RESTART® Program is unique because… 

Unique Characteristics 

#1. There are live, weekly meet ups for the 5 weeks — either in person or online. This gives you a chance to connect personally, share recipes and compare notes with others in the same boat. 

#2. It’s also unique because it’s limited to small groups. The class caps around 10 people so you each have an opportunity to share some personal experiences, challenges and solutions. 

#3. The small groups have the benefit of providing accountability. I know from working with individuals one-on-one that when it comes to goal setting we will do for others what we won’t necessarily do for ourselves. 

#4. The nutrition education component to the class focuses on how the body functions. These physiological facts are often overlooked and normalized in our busy, everyday lives. We take things for granted that are signs that our body needs support. The RESTART® Program helps you raise your awareness around food and how the body responds to it.  

#5. Finally, The RESTART® Program is only taught by qualified instructors that have become either certified as Nutritional Therapy Practitioners or Consultants through the NTA. This means the folks teaching this stuff (myself included) have made the investment in themselves to not only be able to help themselves and their own health but to help others. I can tell you from personal experience that graduating from the NTA as a NTP (Nutritional Therapy Practitioner) is no small feat! The program is challenging and very eye-opening and educational, even for those who have previously read lots of books on health prior to the certification. NTPs and NTCs are a dedicated group who follow and teach the art of eating a whole food, nutrient dense, properly prepared diet. One does not go into this kind of study lightly or as a one-off experience. This community is full of dedicated, life-long learners.   

My Why

So why do I teach this class? I choose to teach The RESTART® Program because I believe in the curriculum. It is broken down into digestible (pun intended) bits of information to avoid overwhelming participants. As I like to say, each person’s journey is individual as we are all on our own path. I like to meet people where they are and this program supports that philosophy as well. It’s so amazing to see the light bulb go off in my student’s eyes and to see them realize great results through this program. 

Another reason reminds me of the Hindu proverb: “To learn, read. To know, write. To master, teach.” I love to teach it because I like to take the sugar detox myself too! Even those of us who are concerned with health and take the time and effort to eat healthy food, enjoy the support of a group! All that said, are you ready to RESTART with me? Join my mailing list to be the first to be notified about when I’ll be teaching next and in the meantime reach out with any questions!  

For info on my classes check back here: Yourhealthpath.com/Restart 

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