My Real Food Doorstep Delivery

My Real Food Doorstep Delivery

Modern life is busy. So, as much as I love slow food and as much as I tell people about the health benefits of cooking at home, sometimes we need a helping hand with healthy eating. That’s why I look for partners to support me when I have those extra busy weeks and weekends when I miss a meal-prep day! So, at a friend’s suggestion I reached out to Ideal Meals, in Boca Raton. (Thank you Shana at Rooster!) After browsing their website I decided to give them a try and here’s what happened. 

There are a variety of meal services out there, but Ideal Meals appealed to me for a few reasons. Number one, they promoted organic food. Not all “real” food is created equal. Conventional meat is loaded with antibiotics and hormones and this can wreak havoc on our bodies in a number of ways (food sensitivities or allergies and lowered immunity and digestive disruption to name a few). Conventional (non-organic) vegetables are more-frequently-than-not genetically modified and laced with pesticides that damage our gut health and in therefore, our whole-body health. Eating organic whenever possible is high on my priority list so when I saw that they mentioned organic, I was already smiling. 

Secondly, Ideal Meals cooks multiple times a week to ensure freshness. As co-founder of the company Josh told me on the phone, “I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to eat 5-day old cooked salmon.” I agree, Josh…I agree! As a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, quality is of paramount importance to me. I always tell clients and my students in my 5-week group class, The RESTART® Program, that it’s the quality of your calories not the number of them that counts the most toward overall health. Once I found out that the Ideal Meals philosophy fit mine, I was sold… all that before even taking a bite! 

Upon delivery day I got an email to let me know that my meals were at my doorstep. I was excited to arrive home to find my personalized meals waiting for me in an ice-packed, name brand bag at my front door. I felt like a kid on Christmas! I unpacked my three meals, Keto Salmon, Curry Chicken and Garlic and Herb Turkey, and stowed them away in the fridge. For the next few meals all I had to do was warm them up and enjoy. It was a real treat for someone who does a lot of food prep and cooking on a daily basis. The meals provided me with healthy portion sizes too so I was definitely satiated. They included delicious cauliflower, savory sweet potatoes, lentils and green beans as sides to my protein. When I spoke with Josh he said, “We don’t use fancy sauces,” which was great for me because I like to know the exact ingredients in what I’m eating. I did add a side of real Kerry Gold butter to one of the meals, just because upon heating I felt it needed a little more moisture. Long story short, I loved all the meals and will definitely be ordering again in the future. Plus, it really saved me for a few days when I knew I had some extra work to do. 

Some may say they can’t afford such a luxury as a meal service. To them I would say two things. One: by the time you grocery shop, cook and clean up the mess, is it really more costly? What’s the cost to not eating right for a week? How do you feel? What’s your energy level? What does it do to your immune system? If you calculate in those non-dollar amount values I would argue it’s not really an extra (for much of the population buying iPhones, gym memberships and hitting the mall, that is). My second point: instead of thinking of it as an all-or-nothing endeavor, think of it as a way to get you on your feet with healthy eating or a way to sustain you through busy times. Do what works for you. Find partnerships that can support you in on your health path. Another partnership to consider is a health coach, like me! Having a qualified health coach to guide you, hold you accountable to your goals, help with consistency and set you on the right track can certainly increase your success rate in reaching your goals! If you’re curious about how it works, I always do FREE 20-minute consult, just contact me. And if you’re local to the South Florida area, I say give Ideal Meals a try because it’s quality food with quality ingredients. 

If you’re interested in trying them out, tell them you read this blog post and that Coach Kery of sent you! 

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